Pocket Forex
Professoinal Forex Trading Tool
Pocket Forex is a professional trading tool, provides multiple trading functions.

Powerful and Professional

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High-speed intelligent node
0.2-second lightning quotation
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New level-2 K-line
Up to 11 periods choices,Period from minutes to months, choose at will
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Signal copy system
Amazing signal copy platform;Support copy signals between different brokers
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Intelligent trading strategy
Combination of automated AI analytics and senior analyst expertise
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Comprehensive technical indicators
Provides MA, BOLL, SAR, and up to 25 indicators
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Multiple encryptions
Multi-key dynamic encryption, top SSR encryption
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Trailing stop
Track the latest product prices and dynamically adjust stop loss positions to help investors get the maximum profit.
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Equity guard
Freely set the reserved amount and target amount, system automatically guards the account equity.
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Forex calendar
Real-time currency and financial market-related major events and data
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Indicator alert
Add & set relevant indicator reminders. Never miss every change in the market
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Account Analysis
Position analysis, order history, and monthly performance and more economic analysis.
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Support connecting all broker’s MT4 account

Ten years of team ingenuity, only to create a perfect trading experience

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Customer voice

Pocket Forex provides k-line in all periods and up to 25 indicators.
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