CopyTrade is a forex signal service. Poket Forex offers a professional platform to both signal providers and signal followers. It allows signal providers to provide a complete service for their followers. The service is fully clear and you may copy trades from any forex account in real time (on supported platforms)

No. You can remain using your existing account. All you need to do is sign up an account and subscribe the signal providers. There is no any hidden costs.

Don’t worry, You can keep trading normally.

We provide a high-quality signal service. As a signal follower, you just need to do one click and the system will automatically complete everything for you. When signal providers trade, you trade in the same time. As a signal provider, you can easily find your client on our platform, you can set your commissions and see your income grow.

NO. In CopyTrade function, you can continue to trade on your existing account, you will have the same trading circumstances. CopyTrade costs simply a minimal monthly service price to operate your account and subscribe to systems. However, the other functions such as Trading strategy, Trailing stop, EquityGuard and so on still charge subscription fee.

For linking your account, the CopyTrade Service price is just $0 (special offer). You will also be charged 30% of your monthly price if you are a signal provider.

No. CopyTrade is intended to be a intelligent service, so you don’t need to keep your trading account open or install anything on your phone. Your terminal will be linked to our servers 24/5.

If you want to pay for CopyTrade service, you are required to pay by Pcoins. Pcoins can be recharged on【Wallet】which are located in【Me】page. Pcoins can be recharged through Google Pay , Apple Pay and Stripe.

CopyTrade ranks your performance according to your monthly gain. This implies that your deposits and withdrawals have no bearing on your performance statistics.